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Chakra Pendant 7 (Pendant crystal is related to the 7th Chakra.)

Information Related to the 7th Chakra: 

Location: Crown - Top of Head Color: White / Gold/ Violet 

Focus: Spirituality/ Courage/ Humanitarianism 

Body Parts: Any Organ System in the Body 

Element: Thought, Cosmic Energy 

Astrological Sign/ Ruling Planet: Aquarius/ Uranus 

Crystals: Moonstone * Amethyst * Clear Quartz 

Physical Issues: Chronic Exhaustion * Paralysis * Bone Cancer * Genetic & Developmental Disorders * Muscular & Nervous System Diseases * Any Life Threatening Event or Serious Illness 

Emotional Issues: Focus on One's Life's Purpose * Trust That Where One is Today is Where One Needs to Be * Realization That Some Things Are Simply Out of One's Control 

FOCUS FOR MEDITATION: Experiencing the Divine in Everyday Life/ Realizing That the Divine Lives in One's Self * Giving Back to the Universe With Gratitude Stone- Amethyst, Herkimer diamond

A Black Rubber cord, either 16 and 18 (your choice), a booklet and an anti-tarnish felt bag are included with the purchase of each pendant.

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