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Chakra Pendant 4 (Pendant crystal is related to the 4th Chakra.)

Information Related to the 4th Chakra: 

Location:  Heart 

Color: Pink / Green 

Focus: Emotional Power 

Body Parts: Heart/ Lungs/ Circulatory System/ Shoulders/ Upper Torso/ Breasts 

Element: Air 

Astrological Sign/ Ruling Planet: Libra & Taurus/ Venus 

Crystals: Pink Tourmaline/ Green Tourmaline/ Rose Quartz/ Green Jade 

Physical Issues: Heart Disease/ Lung or Breast Cancer/ Asthma/ Allergies/ High Blood Pressure/ Upper Back, Shoulder Problems 

Emotional Issues: Nurturing of Self * Acknowledgement & Release of Unexpressed Anger, Sadness & Resentment * Celebrating the Power of Joy, Love & Forgiveness 

FOCUS FOR MEDITATION: Giving Love to Self & Others/ Accepting Love from Others/ Becoming an Inspiration to Others. Stone- Pink tourmaline; green tourmaline

A Black Rubber cord, either 16 and 18 (your choice), a booklet and an anti-tarnish felt bag are included with the purchase of each pendant.

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