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Chakra Pendant 1 (Pendant crystal is related to the 1st Chakra.)

Information Related to the 1st Chakra: 

Location:  Root - Between Anus & Genitals 

Aspect:  Foundation For All Chakras 

Color(s): Red / Black 

Focus: Survival/ Safety/ Physical Needs 

 Body Parts: Bones/ Skeletal Structure/ Hip Joints/ Spine/ Feet/ Blood/ Immune System 

Element: Earth 

Astrological Sign/ Ruling Planet(s): Capricorn/ Saturn 

Crystals: Ruby * Garnet * Black Onyx * Hematite 

Physical Issues: Arthritis/ Chronic Spinal Problems/ Lower Back Pain/ Rectal Tumors & Cancer/ Sciatica/ Scoliosis/ Autoimmune Diseases/ Skin Problems 

Emotional Issues: Acknowledgement Of & Freedom From Unresolved Family Wounds/ Striking a Balance Between Independence & Dependency/ Seeking Inner Peace & Calmness/ Awakening to Awareness in One's Life 

FOCUS FOR MEDITATION: Enjoying a Sense of Contentment Based on One's Own Feelings of Stability & Security.

A Black Rubber cord, either 16 and 18 (your choice), a booklet and an anti-tarnish felt bag are included with the purchase of each pendant.

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