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Chakra Pendant 3 (Pendant crystal is related to the 3rd Chakra.)

Information Related to the 3rd Chakra: 

Location: Solar Plexus - Between Navel & Base of Sternum

Color: Yellow 

Focus: Personal Power 

Body Parts: Abdomen/ Small Intestine/ Liver/ Stomach/ Kidneys/ Pancreas/ Adrenal Glands/ Middle Spine 

Element: Fire 

Astrological Sign/ Ruling Planet: Aries & Leo/ Mars & Sun 

Crystals: Yellow Citrine/ Amber/ Topaz 

Physical Issues: Ulcers/ Colon, Intestinal Problems/ Liver Dysfunction/ Heartburn/ Indigestion/ Diabetes/ Eating Disorders 

Emotional Issues: Self-Esteem * One's Originality. You Are Unique in All the Universe. Self-Confidence * One's Gift. You have a special gift that only you can give. Self-Respect * One's Caring. To honor oneself is to honor others as well. 

FOCUS FOR MEDITATION: Practicing Selfless Service to Others Balanced with One's Own Desire To Be True To Oneself. Stone - Citrine

A Black Rubber cord, either 16 and 18 (your choice), a booklet and an anti-tarnish felt bag are included with the purchase of each pendant.

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